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The Online Peer Advisory Group for Ambitious CEOs

We help CEOs of small to midsize businesses

grow revenues faster and generate more profits

with less worry and stress.

Are you a CEO?  Do you understand that your success is tied to your ability to make good decisions and follow through on them?   Does it seem reasonable that an advisory board of fellow CEOs with a combined 100+ years of experience would help you do that?


If so, you’re in the right place.  Our monthly online CEO roundtables help you generate real solutions that dramatically boost your success.


“People's lives are a direct reflection of their peer group. 
Who you spend time with is who you become."
― Tony Robbins

So What is The CEO Roundtable?

Hi, this is Brian.  I’m a fellow CEO and a longtime CEO coach and advisor.  I know from experience how valuable it is to have the wisdom and support of a trusted peer group.


Our Roundtables are small groups of leaders who meet monthly to help each other think through challenges and develop better solutions more quickly.  Each group has an average of 100+ years of collective experience which makes it possible for members like you to get real help with strategy, sales, profitability, cash flow, hiring, firing, culture, finance, technology, lenders, investors and more. 


And yes, our CEO members are extremely busy.  But they take time each month to attend the short meetings because they know that doing so speeds up progress and saves them time.  In fact, after experiencing the power of many smart minds working together, most say they wish they’d joined a long time ago!



"I make much better decisions when I tap the group’s experience and wisdom, and I hold myself more accountable for follow through because I know the group will check up on me.   Plus I don’t feel alone anymore.  I can reach out for help or moral support whenever I need.”  

Nathan Dulley / CEO, LBB


“Surround yourself with those who see greatness in you,

even when you don't see it yourself.”

― Edmund Lee

For years I’ve been completely focused on helping CEOs be and do their best. That’s why I lead CEO roundtables and provide direct CEO training and coaching.  

I bring 40 years of experience including 10 years as CEO and 30 years working with CEOs.  

I often say that business is my “golf” in that I’d rather spend time helping CEOs succeed than do just about anything else.

I earned my MBA at UCLA and reside in Los Angeles with my family.

Brian Kinahan, CEO


Two 90-minute meetings per month
Your issue addressed at each meeting 
Access to members between meetings
Access to Brian between meetings
Investment: $249 per month
First meeting fully refundable
No long-term contract



Make better, faster decisions 

Leverage opportunities

Grow Faster

Increase Profits

Expose your blind spots

Overcome challenges 

Set up winning business practices


Become a much better leader

Create the success you want